A list of all UX Design conferences in the UK in 2020

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08 Jan 2020

Conferences can be a great way to get to know more about a specific field and meet professionals from said field. There are many reasons why attending design conferences might benefit your career.

Inspiration is one of the big ones. As designers when we look for inspiration we often end up using the same resources. If you are looking for some fresh ideas, then design conferences might be a great way to get a few.

A chance to learn from people that work on other disciplines within the industry. Conferences are an easy way to learn about a specific topic that you might not have the time to research about otherwise.

Networking is also a main reason to attend conferences. Not only to interact with the speakers of said conference but to network with fellow designers that will be a part of the public as well.

Keeping up with trends is a key attitude a designer must have. The design world keeps changing, especially in the digital world were tools and the way of working keeps shifting. Knowing what is going on in the design world will help you better understand the needs of your customers. This does not mean you must follow every trend that comes up. However, it’s worth keeping a look out so your design work and process never becomes outdated.

Knowing where design is heading is another key take away that conferences offer. Attending conferences might help understand what is happening in the design world and anticipate what trends will be popular in the future.

A break from your routine can be very beneficial for you and your work. Conferences offer an efficient and productive way to do this.

In this post I’d like to point out a list of conferences taking place in the UK. If you notice there is a UK based conference missing, please feel free to email us at hello@frutostudio.co.uk

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New Adventures — Nottingham

‘Don’t miss Nottingham’s world-renowned, future-focused digital design conference. Our fifth event will explore speculative and critical design, radical inclusivity, climate, sustainability, and much more.’

Mind the product — Manchester

‘MTP Engage Manchester is for passionate product people of all levels of experience; from those interested in getting into product, to veterans of the discipline, the conference offers insight for all and a chance to take a step back and immerse yourself in product learning for two days.’

Front End North — Sheffield

‘A welcoming one-track, one-day conference for developers and designers who work on the web.’

The UX Conference — London

‘Design conference that’s not about buzzwords, but collaboration between designers’

Service Design in Gov — Edinburgh

‘The original international community event for anyone involved in designing and commissioning public services.’

Deliver Conference — Manchester

A conference for people delivering digital products or projects who want to learn, share, lead and be part of something bigger.’

Future London Academy

‘An immersive programme for creative entrepreneurs, innovation directors and business owners — introducing you to London’s most innovative businesses and uncovering the latest approaches to design thinking and innovation.’

UX Healthcare — London

With UX Healthcare we aim to make a difference, because better design is needed in the healthcare industry. From clinicians, healthcare insurances to hospital equipment manufacturers — our goal is to help healthcare across the world to implement the best user experiences possible.’

Camp Digital — Manchester

Camp Digital is an inspirational conference that brings together the digital, design and UX communities for a series of seminars exploring the latest thinking in our industry.’

Ecom Design Summit — London

‘The eCommerce Design Summit pulls together the world’s most innovative eCommerce platforms, to discuss Product Design, UX and Strategy. Our ambition is to create dialogue across the eCommerce community, which emphasises the importance of customer-centricity within the product development lifecycle.’

UX London

UX London is a unique three-day event combining inspirational talks with in-depth workshops presented by some of the industry’s biggest names.’

DesignOps Global Conference — Manchester

The DesignOps Global Conference is for design leaders, researchers, developers, practitioners, product managers, service innovators and business leaders that are defining the way we design and develop new products and services.’

UX Scotland

‘UX Scotland is the conference for the UX, service design and digital communities welcoming national and international participants to Scotland’

Collaborate Bristol

‘Collaborate Bristol is The South West’s leading UX, Ai and Design conference. The conference returns for the eighth year running, aimed at encouraging sharing, learning and networking within the digital community.’

User Research London

User Research London is a UX conference by researchers for user researchers’

  • Date: 26th of June 2020 and workshops will be held on Thursday 25th of June 2020

  • Visit website

UX Bristol

UXBristol returns for its ten anniversary, once again bringing together leading practitioners from the fields of user experience, usability and information architecture.’

dConstruct — Brighton

For ten years dConstruct paved the way for innovative and forward-thinking speakers to help us imagine our digital future.’

Mind the product — London

‘Every year we bring together product leaders from around the world to explore the intersection of design, technology, and business, inspiring you to build better products.’

Canvas conference — Birmingham

A single day digital product and experience conference sharing the insider stories from people solving real customer problems.’

UX Brighton

‘Join us for our 10th conference where people from product management, ux, research and design will gather to discover what we have to learn from one another. Learn new approaches and glean fresh insights that will bring solid benefits for you, your colleagues and your clients.’

Hopefully this list will give you an idea of what UK based conferences are out there for 2020 and inspire you to attend some, one or many of these events.

Conferences can be a great way to get to know more about a specific field and meet professionals from said field. There are many reasons why attending design conferences might benefit your career.

Photo of Carmen M. Freile

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