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We like share our learnings, thoughts, opinions and ‘how to’ knowledge on different design related topics.

Fundamentals of UX Design: Useful resources

10 Jul 2020

A list of books, articles and tools to get you started in UX Design.

How to prepare and run user interviews

03 Jul 2020

User interviews can help you get in-depth insights on users' needs, behaviours and motivations. This guide is to help you prepare and run user interviews.

A guide to colour in UI design

24 Jun 2020

Colour has a great impact in the world around us and this is no different in User Interfaces (UI). However, it’s not always given the importance it deserves. Sometimes colour is understood as a purely aesthetic element that is completely relative and subjective. Nonetheless, colour plays a key role (on multiple levels) in the user experience of a product, and therefore it is worth our attention as designers.

How to run remote design projects

27 Mar 2020

We are a fully remote UX design team. For the past 3 years, we’ve been testing design and communication tools that can make our work efficient and very collaborative. We think we have a pretty good set up now.