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We like to share our learnings, thoughts, opinions and ‘how to’ knowledge on different design related topics.

Fundamentals of UX Design: Useful resources

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10 Jul 2020

A list of books, articles and tools to get you started in UX Design.

How to prepare and run user interviews

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03 Jul 2020

User interviews can help you get in-depth insights on users' needs, behaviours and motivations. This guide is to help you prepare and run user interviews.

A guide to colour in UI design

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24 Jun 2020

Colour has a great impact in the world around us and this is no different in User Interfaces (UI). However, it’s not always given the importance it deserves. Sometimes colour is understood as a purely aesthetic element that is completely relative and subjective. Nonetheless, colour plays a key role (on multiple levels) in the user experience of a product, and therefore it is worth our attention as designers.

How to run remote design projects

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27 Mar 2020

We are a fully remote UX design team. For the past 3 years, we’ve been testing design and communication tools that can make our work efficient and very collaborative. We think we have a pretty good set up now.

How to improve the user interface (UI) of your product

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16 Aug 2019

UI design plays a fundamental role in the overall quality of your end product. The UI not only supports the UX work, it enriches it and expands on it by bringing together concepts from interaction design, visual design, and information architecture.

How to improve the UX of your product

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13 Feb 2018

Whichever way you look at it, User Experience (UX) has a direct impact on your business. By improving customers’ experience of your product, you improve conversion rates. By increasing customer satisfaction, you keep them coming back for more.