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We like to share our learnings, thoughts, opinions and ‘how to’ knowledge on different design related topics.

An introduction to Service Design and the Service Blueprint

What is Service Design and how does a Service Blueprint help you understand and design a great end-to-end experience for service users?

Technology is a wonderful enabler, but it shouldn’t drive design

Photo of Mariana Morris
16 May 2022

Improving product experiences when being influenced by conflicting interests is hard. Tech driving design decisions is not the answer. Here's why...

An introduction to the design thinking process

Photo of Mariana Morris
07 Apr 2022

New to UX design? Explore the 6-stage design thinking process that helps ensure your design solutions are human-centred, by putting user needs first.

Remote branding workshops at Fruto

Photo of Carmen M. Freile
13 Jan 2022

This week at Fruto, I ran a series of Brand Strategy Workshops with our whole team, helping us to clarify our internal and external brand.

DiSC profiles can help you understand your colleagues

Photo of Alex Dalgleish
07 Jan 2022

They categorise everyone across 4 personality types and can help guide your interactions with them.

11 Easy productivity techniques for creative professionals

Photo of Victoria Bowling
29 Nov 2021

Tips and tricks for creative professionals to improve their time management skills.

Thoughts on a code of ethics for interaction design

Photo of Dave Johns
Dave Johns
08 Nov 2021

From 'stink patterns' to smartphone addiction: how can we tackle the interactions that make us spend too much time online?

UX Design 101: Learning from scratch

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03 Nov 2021

When I first joined Fruto, I didn’t even know what UX stood for.  Here's what I learned.

Digital design considerations for child vs adult user groups

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04 Oct 2021

A guide to designing better user interfaces for children

Strategic vs Tactical UX

Photo of Mariana Morris
16 Sep 2021

Not sure what the difference is between tactical and strategic UX approaches, or which would be best for your next project? This post is for you.

The UX design process

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05 Aug 2021

Learn exactly what a good UX design process entails and why you need one, and download a template of the process we typically follow at Fruto.

Design leadership skills

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30 Jun 2021

Expert design practitioner skills aren’t the same ones that you need for design leadership. Here’s what you need to know and learn to succeed...

Design leadership: How to establish a design-led culture

Photo of Mariana Morris
26 May 2021

A 7-step guide to establishing a design-led culture, no matter where on the UX maturity ladder you’re starting your transformation journey from.

Giving constructive design feedback

Photo of Mariana Morris
01 May 2021

When a designer asks you for feedback on their work, how do you go about it so that the feedback is effective and motivates the designer to improve? Here are is a technique I use...

Designing for healthcare

Photo of Mariana Morris
24 Apr 2021

When it comes to UX design, healthcare has to be one of the areas where it’s most critical that it’s done right.  The difference between good and bad design could literally make the difference between life or death. From patient care to the clinical experience, there are many aspects to designing digital products for healthcare...

Product design in educational publishing

Photo of Mariana Morris
25 Mar 2021

We all know that UX is a key factor in customer satisfaction. But knowing this, and actually delivering on it, aren’t always the same thing. And it certainly isn’t always a straightforward process - with internal politics, multiple user groups and external factors all impacting your ability to achieve the perfect user experience...

Enliven your brand with stickers

Stickers are relatively simple to design and develop. And due to their playful nature, Sticker Mule custom stickers are easy to share and encourage individuals to engage with your brand.

Fundamentals of UX Design: Useful resources

Photo of Mariana Morris
10 Jul 2020

A list of books, articles and tools to get you started in UX Design.

How to prepare and run user interviews

Photo of Mariana Morris
03 Jul 2020

User interviews can help you get in-depth insights on users' needs, behaviours and motivations. This guide is to help you prepare and run user interviews.

A guide to colour in UI design

Photo of Carmen M. Freile
24 Jun 2020

Colour has a great impact in the world around us and this is no different in User Interfaces (UI). However, it’s not always given the importance it deserves. Sometimes colour is understood as a purely aesthetic element that is completely relative and subjective. Nonetheless, colour plays a key role (on multiple levels) in the user experience of a product, and therefore it is worth our attention as designers.

The role of technology and customer experience in raising investment

Photo of Mariana Morris
12 Jun 2020

There are lots of considerations when scaling a business – from systems and processes, to financials and technology. And if a company is looking to secure investment to facilitate growth plans, overall attractiveness plays a large role. But what is it that makes your business attractive to potential investors? 

Covid-19 projects, can we help?

Photo of Mariana Morris
02 Apr 2020

In April we’re offering free 1-hour design consultations for projects about COVID-19 or businesses affected by COVID-19.

How to run remote design projects

Photo of Mariana Morris
27 Mar 2020

We are a fully remote UX design team. For the past 3 years, we’ve been testing design and communication tools that can make our work efficient and very collaborative. We think we have a pretty good set up now.

UI design systems

Photo of Carmen M. Freile
06 Mar 2020

In this blog post I will define these terms and outline how a design system might be beneficial, as well as some of the drawbacks. I will also talk about how important it is to create a system that is customised to your project.

How remote working has made me a better designer

Photo of Carmen M. Freile
14 Jan 2020

As designers, and more specifically, digital designers, remote working might not only be feasible but beneficial. Remote working is a growing trend and as a full time designer that works from home, I can see why.

A list of all UX Design conferences in the UK in 2020

Photo of Carmen M. Freile
08 Jan 2020

In this post I’d like to point out a list of conferences taking place in the UK.

From UX to UI to development

Photo of Carmen M. Freile
13 Dec 2019

In this post I will run through what it takes to go from UX to UI, and finally to development, and I will give some tips that have helped me (as a designer) with these different hand-offs.

It’s okay to not be okay…

Photo of Paula Simmons
Paula Simmons
08 Oct 2019

It's Mental Health Week, and it's important to look after yourself, embrace who you are and remember it’s okay to not be okay.

Things to keep in mind while doing user interviews

Photo of Gargee Thakkur
Gargee Thakkur
24 Sep 2019

As a UX designer, you will likely be involved in conducting user research as it forms a critical part of the UX process. For any upcoming researcher, engaging with people in real-life contexts and settings may seem like a daunting task. This post is aimed to alleviate some of those very concerns.

Multifaceted designers: The overlooked key skills and attitudes of a good designer

Photo of Carmen M. Freile
24 Sep 2019

There are many qualities that play a key role in becoming a good designer. These qualities are far from being only technical. A designer must be an innovator, a researcher, a communicator a connoisseur, a mediator, a problem solver and a business thinker.

How to improve the user interface (UI) of your product

Photo of Carmen M. Freile
16 Aug 2019

UI design plays a fundamental role in the overall quality of your end product. The UI not only supports the UX work, it enriches it and expands on it by bringing together concepts from interaction design, visual design, and information architecture.

How UX can help your business grow

Photo of Gargee Thakkur
Gargee Thakkur
13 Aug 2019

This article tries to address the fundamental question for the business owners and demonstrates how UX and Business growth go hand in hand.

The business case for hiring a UX Design agency

Photo of Mariana Morris
10 Mar 2019

As with any business decision, the choice to hire in UX skills ultimately comes down to return on investment. There’s a compelling business case for bringing in a UX agency, not only because the end result is a sleeker site or app that customers love, but also because your budget gets you so much in a short period of time.

Building a UI design system to let your product grow

Photo of Mariana Morris
30 Aug 2018

One of the problems we regularly encounter when working on large-scale sites or apps is that the user interface (UI) is no longer fit for purpose.

How to improve the UX of your product

Photo of Mariana Morris
13 Feb 2018

Whichever way you look at it, User Experience (UX) has a direct impact on your business. By improving customers’ experience of your product, you improve conversion rates. By increasing customer satisfaction, you keep them coming back for more.