The business case for hiring a UX Design agency

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Mariana Morris Founder & Managing Director
10 Mar 2019

As with any business decision, the choice to hire in UX skills ultimately comes down to return on investment. There’s a compelling business case for bringing in a UX agency, not only because the end result is a sleeker site or app that customers love, but also because your budget gets you so much in a short period of time.

That includes:

  • An experienced team: A tailor-made team of specialists who bring a complete set of UX-related skills to the table, including UI design, user research, strategy, accessibility, copywriting, illustration and more.

  • Support when you need it: Working as an extension of your team, a UX agency offers completely flexible design resource as and when you need it, eliminating the costs and commitment you’d contend with when recruiting someone full-time. Here are Fruto, we offer an open communication channel to ask UX questions at any time (we use Slack or the chat tool of your preference), so you’ll feel as though you have your very own design team.

  • New perspectives: A UX agency provides a fresh pair of eyes with objective, creative and innovative ideas.

  • Knowledge of the issues: Experienced in working with dozens of tech companies, a UX agency has the knowledge to solve any problem.

A fresh pair of eyes

Bringing a UX agency on board, you get a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate the usability of your site from a neutral starting point: an invaluable perspective that can really get to the bottom of your UX problems.

UX agencies work as an extension of your team, giving you a flexible design resource that complements your existing knowledge with new approaches that can yield valuable insights.

Casting an expert eye over every element of your UX, a specialist agency can give you an objective view and come up with creative and innovative ideas that you probably couldn’t have dreamed up on your own, simply because you’re too close to the project.

Value for money

As a small UX agency with a lean mindset, Fruto have and value low overheads. That means we can offer the best possible value for money. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can help.

Photo of Mariana Morris

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