What are some quick UI wins I can apply to my product?

  • Reduce visual clutter: less is more! When in doubt ask yourself if the element in question is adding any value to the overall interface. If the answer is no then get rid of it. 

  • Consistency: To achieve consistency shift from a manual approach to a more systematic one by designing with components. Components are the pieces of the puzzle that will come together to form the interface. This is when a design system comes in. 

  • White space: It’s often tempting to make every piece of information available to the user. However, we must consider the cognitive load we are putting our users through. White space is your

  • Use colour strategically: Colour can help structure an interface and, if used strategically, it can give the user a clear path to complete their journey on your product. An example of this would be having a ‘call to action’ button that stands out. CTA buttons will guide your user through your interface, indicating what action to take next.

  • Typography creates hierarchy: Typography plays a key role on how your users consume your content. Assign more visual prominent styles (i.e big and bold) to more text that communicates  important information.

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