When should my businesses consider investing in UX or UI?

There are a many occasions when businesses consider investing in the User Experience (UX) or User Interface (UI) design of their digital product, it being a website, an app or a Software as a Service (SaaS).

Many businesses we work with decided to invest in design for these reasons which may apply to you:

When you to improve the UX of your product because...

  • Users are frustrated (giving negative feedback, bad ratings on app store, dropping out in the journey or not renewing the services)

  • Your team hasn't put much consideration into the UX of the product and the product grew organically over the years. The usability of the product then became clunky and hard to use.

  • You need to attract a new group of users that you want to sell to, for example, a new generation of users that expect better experiences or a new market segment.

You need to refresh the UI because...

  • The product looks like a research project and it’s doesn't look commercially ready. This is particular applicable to start ups.

  • The interface looks out of date, for example if the website or app have been in the market for many years.

You need to prototype an idea because...

  • You need to communicate your vision effectively to potential investors or customers

  • You need to test their ideas with users

You need to raise your company's UX maturity

  • To become more user-centred as an organisation so you can better serve their customers, you need to raise the UX awareness and level up the knowledge of your staff about UX and UI design.

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