Why should my business consider investing in UX or UI?

The benefits of investing in UX & UI

There are a many reasons why businesses consider investing in the User Experience (UX) or User Interface (UI) design of their digital product, it being a website, an app or a Software as a Service (SaaS).

If you know users in-depth, their pain points, what they value, the task they want to achieve, their mental models of how they expect the system to work, you can then build the best solution for them. 

A great user experience will...

  • Increase customer retention and adoption

  • Reduces the cost of redesign. It’s much cheaper to design and prototype and test it than developing the system and features. Changing it at a later stage is more expensive.

  • Increase in competitive advantage by spot innovation and business opportunities. Identify the gaps in the experiences that users are having with other products and services. 

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