Working with Fruto was an absolute pleasure. The methodology they use, their expertise, openness and dedication helped to create the result that was very well received by all the stakeholders and the project team. They delivered ahead of schedule at a consistent pace and with full transparency.

We are really pleased with the work from Fruto on the project. High expectations exceeded I guess is the best way of putting it.

Fruto have helped us get much further with a much more objective methodology. The discovery phase has given us lots of insight into what we need to improve.

The interactive prototype that Fruto built for us allowed us to demo our product concept to potential customers. It was an efficient, collaborative and enjoyable process. We could test our ideas, gather feedback and iterate quickly.

Fruto have made us re-evaluate our own product and we’re following the recommendations. Brilliant. Thank you.

Getting Fruto involved helped us define what we needed to prioritise to improve the user experience of our app. The insights we got from their work were eye-opening. We also learned some great UX techniques that we now use in-house.

The project has been very successful, thank you to all at Fruto. This great product has put us in a strong position to approach funders with a product that is attractive for a trial in clinical practice.

Fruto’s training was transformational for our approach to web design, which ultimately led to a product we are extremely proud of.

The pattern library that the Fruto team have developed for us is a huge asset - it is already reducing the waste in our product development process by enabling our designers, product and dev team to just drop in and get what they need, when they need it - helping us be more agile. It will save us lots of time and help us to make our site and services more consistent - we are very happy with it!

The workshops and consultancy you have done with us has completely transformed our approach to product development. Everything starts with user research now and having a “good idea” is not good enough until it’s been hashed out with users. A focus on common UX patterns in design and understanding user journeys, visual hierarchies, colouring, etc has made our design work a lot quicker and more focused on “what will actually be understood and used” rather than “what works”.

Fruto were flexible and very responsive to our needs in completely redeveloping our website and creating a new online teaching tool. They took us from initial testing user journeys right through to producing finished designs we could implement in our CMS.

Not only has Fruto Studio provided great UI design services; it has become a full member of the research team. They have quickly understood our needs and shown a lot of flexibility throughout the development process. Their work has been delivered promptly and in a highly professional manner. I would definitely collaborate with them again.

Fruto exceeded our expectations with their thoroughly thought-out designs, high attention to detail and efficient way of working with us. I’ve worked with other designers in the past but the designs that Fruto delivered to us were at another level of quality and efficiency.

Working with Fruto on this project was great fun! The team is dedicated, enthusiastic and organised. They quickly understood the challenges we faced and helped us deliver our new user journey on time.

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