Enliven your brand with stickers

Here at Fruto, we enjoy creativity and originality as well as bright and fun colours. We are always looking for new captivating and playful ways to engage with our customers and followers alike.

So after searching online, we decided to order our lovely Fruto branded custom stickers​ from Sticker Mule.

The idea was to produce a sticker that reflected our fruity logo and joyous brand. But we also wanted to ensure the high quality, as we planned on gifting Fruto stickers to a wide variety of people.

Why stickers, in particular, you might ask?

Stickers are relatively simple to design and develop. And due to their playful nature, stickers are easy to share and encourage individuals to engage with Fruto as a brand.

Additionally, Fruto branded stickers serve as positive encouragement for our team. We all have enjoyed decorating our workspaces with colourful fruits that inevitably brings a smile to our faces. These stickers help to visualise Fruto as a fun-loving and approachable business that prides itself on being helpful to its clients and employees.