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A list of books, articles and tools to get you started in UX Design

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Mariana Morris Founder & Managing Director
10 Jul 2020


"It is a duty of machines and those who design them to understand people. It is not our [people’s] duty to understand the arbitrary, meaningless dictates of machines. (...) We have to accept human behaviour the way it is, not the way we would wish it to be."
- Donald Norman

"A brilliant solution to the wrong problem can be worse than no solution at all: solve the correct problem."
- Donald Norman

"A mental model represents a person’s thought process for how something works (i.e., a person’s understanding of the surrounding world). (...) They help shape actions and behavior, influence what people pay attention to in complicated situations, and define how people approach and solve problems."
- Susan Weinschenk

"Friction happens when there is a mismatch between users’ mental models and the systems’ design."
- Mariana Morris


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The UX design process – What it is and how we do it at Fruto

The UX design process – What it is and how we do it at Fruto

Learn exactly what a good UX design process entails and why you need one, and download a template of the process we typically follow at Fruto.

Photo of Mariana Morris

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Mariana Morris

A UX influencer, Mariana hosts monthly UX Oxford meet-ups, regularly talks at digital events, and gives lectures at universities.  Mariana has 20 years of experience designing digital products. She holds a MA in interactive media and a BA in graphic communication.

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