New to UX? Tips for starting a new job

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Mahika Naidoo UX Designer
19 Oct 2022

Starting a new job can be daunting at the best of times, let alone straight from university. Each year hundreds of fresh graduates from universities across the globe, gear up to start the rigorous process of applying, interviewing and eventually accepting a job. 

Fast forward to day one of your new role, where you’re filled with excitement, nerves and maybe some imposter syndrome, all things I experienced myself when starting at Fruto.

Things to remember

Your employer chose you for a reason

It is perfectly normal to feel like you are not qualified or capable of achieving at work, but your employer hired you for a reason. They saw the skills and qualities that help you fit into the team and showcase your talent.

Learning is not a linear process

This is definitely something I battled with in my first few weeks but I quickly realised that whilst learning new things can be daunting, embracing it will allow me to grow as a designer and develop my skills. Take every chance you can to learn something new or be shown something - it will pay off!                                                      

Obstacles are your friend

It’s human nature to shy away from obstacles or difficult tasks, but learning to overcome these challenges can be one of the greatest skills you have. Changing the mindset you have when approaching these obstacles will help you learn from difficulties instead of fearing them. 

Trust your abilities

When I started work after my graduation, I was still thinking in a university student mindset. I doubted my abilities and felt like I needed to check everything, however, once I changed my perspective and believed in myself, I could defend and explain the work I produced, allowing for that change from a student to a designer. Whilst having the ability to be independent is crucial within a working environment, it is also key to be able to receive feedback and constructive criticism from others - after all, teamwork makes the dream work.


When starting out in a new job, everything can feel overwhelming initially, however, the important thing to remember is that you are not alone in your worries and that a job should teach you just as much as it challenges you. 

If you are as lucky as I was to have a great team of people to rely on and support you with any issues, it can make something as scary as starting a new job, really exciting and enjoyable.

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Photo of Mahika Naidoo

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Mahika Naidoo

Passionate about using her UX knowledge to create meaningful products, Mahika has digital and product design experience. She holds a BSc in User-Centred Design from Loughborough University where her final project targeted at improving the accuracy and efficiency of medication dispensing within care homes.

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