UI design & branding for healthcare start-up

Albus Health

About Albus Health

Albus Health, Oxford University spin-out, is developing an automated real-time home monitoring system to predict and prevent asthma attacks.

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What we did

What they needed

At their early stages of development, Albus Health needed a mock-up of the User Interface to help them communicate their product vision to potential investors.

What we did for them

  • Branding: Logo design and business cards

  • UI Design mockups of their mobile app

  • Illustration of the UX scenario

Our approach

We worked closely with the team at Albus Health to understand what they needed to communicate and the best way to communicate it.

We created a series of early stage sketches and once we had a direction for the branding and the mock ups, we created the final designs.


Albus Health has a professional-looking brand and UI design mockups that they are using in presentations and pitches to better communicate their vision.

UI design & branding for healthcare start-up

Mock up of user interface

Branding & illustration for healthcare start-up

User scenario illustration showing the healthcare device

Branding for healthcare start-up Albus Health

Logo Albus Health

Business cards for Albus Health

Business cards for Albus Health

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