Discovery phase for UK's largest network of doctors

About, part of M3 Group, is the UK’s largest professional network of over 200,000 doctors. Each day, over 50,000 UK registered doctors use


What we did

What they needed

As part of their 20th birthday,’s team were revisiting the value proposition they offer to their members aiming to optimise their existing services and explore new ways to add value to members.

What we did for them

We ran a Discovery Phase to:

  • Get a holistic view of users’ behaviours, perceived value proposition, their usage of each service, key pain points and possible opportunities for improvement.

  • Identify the multiple touch-points when users access the services, how the existing services and new services fit in together and fit into users’ daily routine.

Activities that we ran:

  • UX Review

  • User Research sessions (User interviews and Usability testing) with a total of 20 users

  • Stakeholders workshop

  • UX report with insights and priorities of improvements.


  • Deep insights on users needs and behaviours.

  • Understand and prioritisation of the key areas of improvement, to be followed up in a series of iterations.

Fruto have helped us get much further with a much more objective methodology. The discovery phase has given us lots of insight into what we need to improve.

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