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Oxford University's Nuffield Department

About Oxford University's Nuffield Department

Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences are developing a way to help healthcare professionals communicate to their patients the condition of their kidneys (kidney age) and provide them with general information about what kidney age means and how it affects them. The website is intended to be used during GP consultations with patients.

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What we did

What they needed

The client had a printed version of the content and needed an interactive tool that they could demo to potential funders in order to begin real-world trials. The prototype needed to have the same content as the printed version but be more interactive to be more custom to users and accessible.

What we did for them

  • UI Design: We used our expertise in usability conventions, design principles and experience to transform the information from a printed format (flyer) into a website. We followed elements of the Government Digital Services style guide for the UI design which has been proven to be highly usable, accessible and effective for users.

  • Usability testing: We run usability testing sessions to identify any potential issues the user might have navigating the interface and iterated the initial designs.

  • Front-end development: We developed the website in HTML and CSS and delivered it in a Content Management System using Wordpress so that the clients could make future iterations on the content.


They now have an interactive prototype with which they can demo to potential investors and run clinical trials.

The project has been very successful, thank you to all at Fruto. This great product has put us in a strong position to approach funders with a product that is attractive for a trial in clinical practice.

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