UI design system for UK's largest network of doctors


About Doctors.net.uk

Doctors.net.uk, part of M3 Group, is the UK’s largest professional network of over 200,000 doctors. Each day, over 50,000 UK registered doctors use Doctors.net.uk.


What we did

What they needed

After the Discovery Phase that we ran with Doctors.net.uk, we worked on a major redesign of their website to keep it competitive and relevant in the market and attract a new generation of doctors.

They needed:

  • To improve user experience and customer satisfaction;

  • To increase the usage in some areas of the site;

  • A more modern look and feel, particularly attractive to younger doctors.

  • To achieve UI consistency across the website and be able to build future designs more efficiently.

What we did for them

  • Vision workshop: We started by running a vision workshop with the team to discuss what success looked like for the multiple stakeholders.

  • Wireframing & usability test: We created some wireframes to explore some ideas of layout, content and page flow. We then tested the clickable wireframes with users (doctors)

  • Tree-jack testing:  We ran a treejack testing with hundreds of doctors to understand if the new navigation that we were proposing was intuitive to users. We then iterated and finalised a new website navigation.

  • Design system workshop: To identify templates and their function as well as components for the pattern library.

  • UI Design & UI Pattern Library: We broke down the website design into reusable components and created templates for specific pages as well as an extensive pattern library that will allow the in-house design team to design new pages in the future.

  • Efficient design workflow workshop: In this workshop we trained their designers and developers to set up the Pattern Library and make future designs using it.


Doctors.net.uk now has a modern-looking interface that is competitive in the market as well as a better user experience that will better accommodate the user's needs. The redesign provides a positive experience that will help keep users loyal to the product.

Their design and development teams have now a UI Pattern Library that they can use making their design workflow more efficient and the design more consistent.

The pattern library that the Fruto team have developed for us is a huge asset - it is already reducing the waste in our product development process by enabling our designers, product and dev team to just drop in and get what they need, when they need it - helping us be more agile. It will save us lots of time and help us to make our site and services more consistent - we are very happy with it!

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