UX Oxford talk: UI colour palette

In this talk Carmen will take us through a hands-on approach to the creation of colour palettes for UI Design. The talk will outline topics such as colour terminology, colour theory, UI rules and conventions for the use of colour as well as other rules of thumb. Carmen will then apply these concepts to successfully create and apply a UI-focused colour palette to an app interface in a live demo.

This talk is for:

  • Anyone invested in having more in-depth and practical knowledge on colours

  • Anyone interested in knowing how to streamline the creation and application of a colour palette in a way that works effectively and efficiently for any client brief without too many tweaks to the process.

  • Designers that might not be as familiar with the UI side of the process (and specifically colour palettes) and want to learn more about it with an easy to follow process.

  • UI designers who want a steadier and more efficient process for the creation and application of a UI colour palette

This talk was given at UX Oxford, a monthly speaker series in Oxford.

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